Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I am finally catching up on the May Family happenings in November. I really don't have any excuses for not blogging about our month but it has been lots of fun.

Easton and I joined my mom and dad in a breast cancer walk at the beginning of the month. My mom and grandma are both beautiful breast cancer survivors! I made shirts for us... look close they say "we are here for the boobs" {awesome} And check out that belly I am rockin.

Easton says a new word practically everyday and loves to wear hats and helmets. Safety first!

We have been taking full advantage of the cooler weather and our great zoo membership by trying to go every few weeks. I made Bill take a picture of Easton and I before we left the last time since I need more pics of just the two of us. His aunt Kelly got him this sweet shark hat that he LOVES to wear and he growls at people when he wears it. I guess I probably taught him that sharks growl but whatever.

Other than that, we have been enjoying time together, trying to decorate my house, landscaping our backyard, growing another baby boy, learning that saying "no,mine" is not nice {ewww}, and so much more.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Easton was his favorite thing for Halloween, Shrek. We were worried that he wouldn't keep on his Shrek ears but I think he liked it and kept them on all night. He loved the trunk or treat and ate at least 3 tootsie rolls with the wrapper on. I would find the ends of the wrappers all soggy with teeth marks. On Halloween we went to the Jackman's to trick or treat with Blake and Ella. I couldn't get all three of them in one place for a picture. The best part of the night was when we knocked on a door and they opened it... Ella and Easton walked right in. Meagan and I had to retrieve our kids from these people's living room. Nice!

Dare Devil

On Saturday my wonderful husband decided to stay home from working and help me out with Easton. I hadn't finished his Halloween costume, barely started my talk for church the next day, the list went on and on. So Bill and Easton played together and this is what they figured out.

My son, Easton Danger, is a dare devil... you think I did this by naming him something bold... I blame genetics, on Bill's side. (:

Thursday, October 28, 2010

20 months

I can't believe that my boy is almost 2! Yep, I am already thinking 4 months in the future since I will have a 2 year old and a newborn within 4 days of each other. Yikes!

Easton is growing so fast and learning so much. He is always on the move and here is what he is up to now:

  • Folds his arms for prayer and says amen
  • Loves nursery
  • Love, loves being outside and playing in our dirt backyard
  • Brushes his teeth
  • Climbs on anything and saying "jump" before bombing down
  • Has no fear... uh oh
  • Loves to play with and watch other big boys play
  • Loves to go down slides
  • Yells "mom, ally" when he is ready to get up
  • Runs everywhere
  • LOVES watching Shrek
  • Still does a sweet stink face
  • Runs to his dad to tell on mom when I don't give him what he wants
  • Says: dog, puppy, duck, stuck, rock, daddy, mom, quack, cow, jump, one, two, nose, eye, ow, shoes, more, no, yum, tree, car, go, chair, bear, tiger, fish that is all I can think of.
  • He barks, moos, bawks, roars, snores, quacks, chirps, snorts

We love this boy and can't believe that we made someone so cute!

Doing something right

We must be doing something right {let's be honest, it's probably from nursery}. The other day Easton was playing with the tupperware again and I was working on something else, mainly enjoying that he was playing by himself. Easton flipped a big square piece over to stand on and once he was balanced, he folded his arms and bowed his head. He said a prayer in words I can't understand and finished with amen. He hopped down from the tupperware and went on playing.
Isn't that great!?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lucky boy

Easton was a lucky boy this past week. With one of his grandmas on fall break, his great grandma(GG) in town, and great aunt available to play... he got a couple days of fun!

We went to Marley Farms again with grandma. Easton loved it again and showed off his new words: turtle, goat, cow, llama, duck, bird

This is his surprised face he uses when he sees something cool or finds something he was looking for... pretty cute.

Easton was amazed with this goat... it was peeing and he just watched the whole thing with this face. Hilarious if you ask me.
Friday night, we went to the pumpkin and chili festival at Schnepf Farms with the Jackmans. It was really windy and dusty but the kids still had fun and picked out pumpkins. Not the best picture of the dads but it was the best I could do in the dust storm. The kids are cute as always.
On Saturday, we went to see horses, turtles and feed chickens at a friend's house with grandma, GG, and Aunt Chris then it was off to Tumbleweed Park which has become our favorite place.

Pretty lucky!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Somehow, the weeks keep flying by and I am slow to update. Last weekend, we enjoyed the cooler weather with an end-of-summer Lake Havasu trip. We had 11 adults and 4 babies {whew} which we pulled off beautifully.

Easton was a great captain

My yummy boys
I have been busy growing another boy and here is my first belly shot. I spared the blog by not doing the bare belly pic that Bill wanted. I have hit the half way mark and am feeling pretty good these days except that I outgrew my normal jeans over the weekend so on to maternity jeans.


I have decided that I need to hype up holidays. I have never been one to get into it but I think with little kids that it is a must. So I am slowly collecting clearanced decorations at the end of each season to start with. I am also making attempts at being crafty, like my first Halloween wreath. I used ideas from this great blog Eighteen25. I have a second one in the works for the front door but had to show off my first finished project. P.S.- Dollar Tree has great halloween stuff for crafts.
Easton is even learning to say ghost and boo... it is on!

Monday, September 27, 2010

19 months

Easton is growing and learning so much. I can't believe how much he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore. Here is what he is up to now:

  • Loves going to nursery every Sunday
  • Loves to climb on everything
  • Loves to jump off of everything... he says "woah" right before he jumps
  • He has 16 teeth
  • Weighs 27 pounds and is 34.5 inches tall
  • He is in the 90th for height and 60th for weight
  • Still workin on a full head of hair
  • Says mom, ally, hot, go, car, woah, yum, ball, cow, duck, dog, outside, hi, bye
  • He barks, moos, snorts, snores
  • He calls for Ally as soon as he wakes up and if that doesn't work then mom
  • Likes to color pictures and chew on the crayons

This boy is crazy and loves to run and play. Hopefully it will cool off sometime soon so he can play outside more. He definitely loves his daddy and mom. When we are at the store and someone stands behind us in line, he looks at them and then pats me and says... "iss mom, iss mom" in case they were wondering if I was his mom. Love it!

Listen close to the video to hear him singing to himself while he takes every piece of tupperware out of the cabinet.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You know you're tired...

when you fall asleep in the middle of playing. I love how kids can just go and go until their bodies just can't do it any more. It is so great!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's a....


I am only 15 weeks but have been lucky enough to have a couple ultrasounds already. We have seen my little guy's little guy twice so it is official. ANOTHER BOY!!!

We are very excited to have a boy and can't wait for he and Easton to be the best of friends and worst of enemies. (: Yippee!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Farms and Zoo

We went to Marley Farms and the zoo last week when temperatures dropped into the 90's. It felt like a real treat and a good opportunity to be outside. Easton loved the animals and running around. When it came to feeding and petting them, he was a little cautious but we had a lot of fun.

In the petting zoo, Easton ran around with the goats and I think he got headbutted. Watch carefully, it is right at the beginning and is pretty funny.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Little Swimmers

I guess I really need to get more little swimmers. We ran out over the weekend so when we were playing in Easton's pool {yes, I said we... I get in the 6 inches of water too. It is fantastic. } this morning his regular diaper weighed like 10 pounds. So I took it off.

Easton really didn't care at all... still loved it and check out those cheeks.
P.S.- I am bringing a little AJ style to Chandler, we play in the front yard in our courtyard since the backyard is just dirt. Dirt+hose+play pool+Easton= too much mud for mom. So I sit in a lawn chair in the front while Easton plays... sometimes in the nude. (: Easton's nude not me.

Monday, August 16, 2010


It's true...

Baby May #2 coming February 2011

I am 13 weeks pregnant hence the complete lack of energy and motivation to do ANYTHING! I am enjoying my morning barfs and being extremely tired. But like I said before I have a rock star husband that helps so much with my other crazy kiddo. Let the adventures continue....


I have a rock star husband that played with Easton all weekend! They played all kinds of games and Easton loved every second. I was doing the dishes and heard a rattlling noise. It was Easton playing legoman superhero with Bill. He could care less that his pj's were stuffed with legos to look like muscles.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I am in love...

with my little boy. Seriously, how lucky am I that my boy cuddles still! He isn't exclusive to me either, he shares his cuddle love with others which is very generous of him.

Easton and I have quiet time with a Baby Einstein movie before nap time and sometimes when he is tired enough, he crawls up on the couch with me to watch. Twice now he has fallen asleep with me and I have to say it is the greatest!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ellie May is here!

Easton has a new cousin! Bill's younger brother and his wife welcomed a beautiful little girl on Tuesday night! Ellie is so perfect and I didn't want to put her down when I held her. Gotta love newborns!

17 months!

We are on the count down to 18 months and nursery...{whew} and my little boy has been so busy changing and growing. Here is what he is up to:
  • He is getting taller and losing his thigh rolls ): {sad}
  • He loves wearing hats, visors and especially sunglasses
  • He says ba-ball, mama, dada, and ally
  • Is a great open-mouth kisser to anyone
  • He climbs on everything
  • Loves to hang on the oven door... {arg}
  • We are FINALLY done with bottles... this was more my problem then his
  • He loves to look at the turtles and grandma's but doesn't want them too close
  • Is a daredevil in the pool and books it for the diving board everytime
  • Is a daredevil at the playground and will go for any slide... are we seeing a pattern?
  • Has no fear and just goes for it
  • Still loves to be cuddled and snuggled {yea!}
  • Figured out that jumping on mom and dad's bed is awesome
  • Likes to play in the bath tub even without water in it

Easton is such an active, strong-willed, lovey little boy. He is a whirlwind most days and I really get nothing done. You can't tell that I clean the house everyday but that is the way it goes. He is wonderful and we are exhausted but loving it!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Great giveaway!

So I am normally not a sucker for a giveaway but today I am feeling it! I secretly follow the cute girls on Lemon Tree Creations for crafty ideas and saw one the other day that I am dying to figure out. Anyway, they are doing a giveaway today on the blog, click here to see their blog and more about these awesome stencils. Here are a couple pics of what she has done.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

So what? A month behind...

So what if I am over a month over due on a post, right? We have been so, so busy and honestly I just haven't felt like posting. But I am over my funk so here it is.

In early June we went to Chicago to see my older brother, Josh, graduate from medical school. Chicago was such a great town and we had ever piece of the Chicago weather. Humidity sucks! I will take my 110 days with no humidity any day. But we got to see all of the touristy things, see my brother get hooded, ate Chicago style hot dogs and deep dish pizza, helped my bro and sis in law pack and move, and Easton got in plenty of cousin play time. I only wish they lived closer, the boys loved it!
After Chicago, we closed on a new house and made the big move from Apache Junction to Chandler. Whew! We loved living in AJ so it was a bittersweet move but we are really liking living closer in to family and everything. I will post decorating and house pictures whenever that actually happens.
So thanks to eager grandmas who are always looking for some Easton time, I can finally catch up.
Life is good being a May that is for sure.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adventures at Grandma's

This past week Bill was at scout camp, so Easton and I decided to take this opportunity to visit his great grandma and grandpa in Pine. We had such a good time! Easton loves being outside and playing in the dirt and rocks. We went on walks, played at the playground, saw horses, went to a goat and llama farm. It was great! He would clap for the llamas but they could care less. But the baby goats would give him attention because he would feed them. He loved giving them hay and he would pet them through the fence.

We went to the thrift store next to the playground to find Easton a hat and lucked out. We found him a hat for .25 cents, water sandals for .50 cents, a toy truck for GGJ's house for $2.50 and a sweet ride for $5. After we found Easton's new wheels that was all he could think about.

If you listen careful he makes car noises besides the funny squeal. He is in love.

Last thing, this is how dads figure out how to push their boys. Easton's feet always drag but Bill knew how to fix that.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegas Baby!

This past weekend Bill and I ventured out on our first "no baby" weekend. We met our friends the Richs in Vegas and had a blast! The boys would hit the casino... penny and quarter slot machines... ooohhh such rebels! and the girls would hit the stores! We had a lot of fun!

The first night we didnt get to our hotel until like 11:30 and were starving so we just hurried to a restaurant in our hotel. Big mistake... check out Bill's $15 pigs in a blanket and Meghan's $18 ceasar salad. Whew!

Easton enjoyed himself too with Grandma and Grandpa Wallbrecht. He always loves playing at their house! We enjoyed ourselves but were exhausted and glad to be home in our own bed!