Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Easton was his favorite thing for Halloween, Shrek. We were worried that he wouldn't keep on his Shrek ears but I think he liked it and kept them on all night. He loved the trunk or treat and ate at least 3 tootsie rolls with the wrapper on. I would find the ends of the wrappers all soggy with teeth marks. On Halloween we went to the Jackman's to trick or treat with Blake and Ella. I couldn't get all three of them in one place for a picture. The best part of the night was when we knocked on a door and they opened it... Ella and Easton walked right in. Meagan and I had to retrieve our kids from these people's living room. Nice!

Dare Devil

On Saturday my wonderful husband decided to stay home from working and help me out with Easton. I hadn't finished his Halloween costume, barely started my talk for church the next day, the list went on and on. So Bill and Easton played together and this is what they figured out.

My son, Easton Danger, is a dare devil... you think I did this by naming him something bold... I blame genetics, on Bill's side. (: