Thursday, May 27, 2010

15 months

Easton is 15 months as of last week and he is growing so fast! We had his 15 month well check on Monday and here are the details. P.S.- he was so brave with his shots

  • 26 lbs 11 oz, 75th percentile for weight
  • 33 1/2 inches tall, 90th percentile for height
  • Easton has decided that walking is the best way to travel
  • Loves to throw the ball for Ally
  • Loves to steamroll and pet Ally, really all he wants to do is play with her
  • Gives Maddie Milloy slobbery kisses and always wants more
  • Still cuddles and likes to be rocked... I love that!
  • Can point out ears, nose and tongue
  • Likes to read books, he will pick them out, bring them to you and turn the pages
  • Can hear any airplane and loves to watch them
  • Points at everything to make sure you saw it too
  • Loves to chase you around the house

This kid is so funny and cute and I just can't believe that he is all mine! I can't wait to see what he will learn next!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Catching up...again

I am behind again but here are some pictures from Mother's Day. It was wonderful! Easton made handprint flower pictures for his grandmas and aunt. We had a great dinner at my mom's with the Wallbrechts and Mays and Easton loves being the center of attention.

Summer is here

I think it is officially summer. It is supposed to be 100 today and I sweat everytime I am outside. Lovely thought I know. BUT since I grew up here I happen to love summer time. It means swimming, popsicles, tan lines, wakeboarding, and hot air that feels like you live in a oven. Easton is going to be a summer lover too. We went to the splash pad at San Tan mall yesterday and I forgot my camera in the car. But here is my cute, crazy boy with popsicle juice all over.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

14 months

I am about 2 weeks behind posting about this but here it is. Easton is growing so fast and looks more and more like a little boy then a baby. Here is what he is up to now:
  • Walking from object to object
  • Dances to his barnyard movie and toy
  • Points at everything
  • Laughs at himself and when other people laugh
  • Babbles on and on and on
  • Loves to figuring out how to put a lid on, or stack something
  • Tries to feed himself with a fork or spoon
  • Gives kisses and hugs
  • Likes to color and draw on his magna-doodle
  • Ally is his best friend... besides me (: He would probably pick her though
  • Likes to crawl in gravel better than grass. Weird.

He is so stinkin cute and fun. We are just loving this stage and are anxious for him to talk so he can tell us what he wants. Right now we get a high pitch scream for everything. Words are next I hope.


I think we can finally say that Easton is walking. It isn't his preferred mode of transportation yet but he will walk around for toys, between Bill and I or just because. It is great to see how proud he is of himself.