Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adventures at Grandma's

This past week Bill was at scout camp, so Easton and I decided to take this opportunity to visit his great grandma and grandpa in Pine. We had such a good time! Easton loves being outside and playing in the dirt and rocks. We went on walks, played at the playground, saw horses, went to a goat and llama farm. It was great! He would clap for the llamas but they could care less. But the baby goats would give him attention because he would feed them. He loved giving them hay and he would pet them through the fence.

We went to the thrift store next to the playground to find Easton a hat and lucked out. We found him a hat for .25 cents, water sandals for .50 cents, a toy truck for GGJ's house for $2.50 and a sweet ride for $5. After we found Easton's new wheels that was all he could think about.

If you listen careful he makes car noises besides the funny squeal. He is in love.

Last thing, this is how dads figure out how to push their boys. Easton's feet always drag but Bill knew how to fix that.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vegas Baby!

This past weekend Bill and I ventured out on our first "no baby" weekend. We met our friends the Richs in Vegas and had a blast! The boys would hit the casino... penny and quarter slot machines... ooohhh such rebels! and the girls would hit the stores! We had a lot of fun!

The first night we didnt get to our hotel until like 11:30 and were starving so we just hurried to a restaurant in our hotel. Big mistake... check out Bill's $15 pigs in a blanket and Meghan's $18 ceasar salad. Whew!

Easton enjoyed himself too with Grandma and Grandpa Wallbrecht. He always loves playing at their house! We enjoyed ourselves but were exhausted and glad to be home in our own bed!