Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday time!

Of course the beautiful 75 degree end of winter days we had all week couldn't hold on for Easton's birthday party at the park and it was 57 degrees and rainy instead. Lovely! His party had to be moved into our little house with nothing much to do on a rainy day. At least he had an awesome Very Hungry Catepillar cake and good friends and family here.

The plan was for the catepillar's head to be Easton's cake... kinda weird but seemed like a good plan. I had the cake ready and waiting for him in his high chair but when Bill brought Easton over and pulled out the tray the whole thing fell on the ground. Yep... his made with love, home made, mommy made cake splatted on the ground frosting first. I was too shocked to take pictures, really I couldn't even think or move or talk at first. Oh well, Easton played with but didn't eat a cupcake instead.

1 year old!

Well, it happened. My baby is a toddler! I can't believe it! My little guy that was only 5 lbs. 14 ounces at birth is now a 25 lb snotty nosed, crawling, mischievous, open-mouth kissing, Ally loving toddler. This past year has been such a whirlwind and without a doubt the best year of my life! I love this little stinker!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

So my wonderful visiting teacher, Kim Milloy, made me a yummy heart shaped valentine's cake and brought it over this morning. It looked so great that Ally decided to help herself while we were at church. She must have felt like eating away her loneliness on Valentine's Day. Doesn't she look so guilty?!?
Luckily, she couldn't get to all of it and we loved eating A LOT of cake after church.

Stink face

Easton makes this new face called his Stink Face. He scrunches up his nose and looks so funny. It is usually when it is bright so I think he is trying to squint but whatever it is... it is freaking awesome!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ally Wally

We have an awesome dog named Ally that Easton adores! He will follow her around and talk to her all day. She is so patient and sweet to him. Somehow she knows which toys are hers and which are Easton's even though he doesn't. He wants to chew on her toys more than his.

Last night, Ally snuggled up with Easton's hippo and was happy as can be until...

(cue JAWS music)
Someday they will be best friends, but until then Ally will have to keep being such a good Wallers.


Easton LOVES nutrigrain bars, I mean who doesn't really. I figure it is okay to feed him one for a snack as they are semi-healthy and he can down a whole one. Now a nutrigrain bar frequents the diaper bag.

The other day I was keeping Easton happy on the ride home by feeding him pieces. I thought I was being careful by putting them right in his mouth. He enjoyed his snack and fell asleep. Good mom, right?
It was inside of his ears, on the back of his head, smeared on his eyelashes, mushed into the carseat... yummy to clean up!
Too stinkin cute to not take pictures first.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lip smacking good

Easton shows how much he is enjoying his food by smacking his lips and sucking all of the goodness out of each morsel. This video is kinda long but the grandmas will still like it.

Fun at Holyoak's

Our Bishop has the coolest yard and it is a little boys dream land! They have cool toys, bikes, chairs, benches, an old truck and not to mention chickens! I was trying to take Easton's 1 year pictures(a little early) and he could care less about me. All he wanted was the chickens and their dog, Sadie. I don't think he looked at the camera once but they still turned out pretty cute.