Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleepy head

Last night as Easton ate his pre-bedtime snack, he took a handful of cheerios and slowly ate them then just laid his head down on his tray. He was completely out for like 15 minutes and then was very ready for bed. Silly, sweet sleepy head.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Easton and his dad

Easton LOVES his dad. I have to work to make him laugh but Bill just walks into the room.

Silly Smile

Easton has started doing this crazy smile both when he is happy and throwing a fit. It is the funniest face and I don't know where it came from. Maybe we look like this when we laugh or something. Either way, I love it!

Monday, November 30, 2009

9 Months!

I can't believe that Easton is 9 months old! He is getting more and more active everyday and is such a happy boy. We had his 9 month check-up today and here are the details:

  • 23 pounds, 80th percentile and 29 inches long, 75th percentile
  • 2 teeth and 2 more on the top causing trouble but not poppin up yet
  • Still crawling backward but gets where he wants to go
  • Says Ah,ah,ah and dadadada
  • Thinks sneezing is hilarious
  • Wants to be hanging upside down as much as possible
  • LOVES to dump out things from any bucket, basket, drawer or box
  • Is probably the cutest kid I have ever seen

Friday, November 20, 2009

It's official...

Yep, I am officially a Twilight series dork. I went to the midnight showing of New Moon last night and it was TOTALLY worth it! I bought our tickets early and we were able to walk right in and get great seats! I even want to go see it again today or soon and honestly wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over.

My only regret.... that I didn't have a Team Jacob shirt. I mean can you blame me... HELLO!

I may start reading the book again once Easton goes down for a nap.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Waaayyy Behind!

I am so behind on my blogging and it has been a crazy month! So here are the May family happenings:

Nick came home from his mission! His plane got in late, like 10:45p.m. so Easton was sooo tired but happy to meet his other uncle! He doesn't look happy but he was! By the way, Nick is ready to date, know any hot single ladies?

The next day was Halloween and we went to Schepf Farms for the Pumpkin festival and had fun being outside on the farm. Easton LOVED the germ filled petting zoo! We did some major disinfecting after we left!

Then we came back to our house to pass out candy and Easton was a cowboy, very cute! And yes, that is squash on his crooked mustache.

Easton started making more talking sounds, I think he is calling Ally Wally our puppy. Don't mind my potty mouth at the end, I was watching Biggest Loser weigh-ins and that show is amazing!

Easton is a wild boy in the tub, he kicks up a storm! I love his intense face in this picture, loving life!

And, we caught Easton going at it with the wall the other day. Looks like he is practicing his kissing, watch out ladies! But really I think he just likes how it feels on his two teeth.

Friday, October 23, 2009

8 Months

I can't believe that Easton is 8 months old! I tried to take his picture this morning but he was sleepy and didn't want to smile, but I thought these turned out cute anyway.

Here is what Easton is up to now:

  • 22 pounds 4 ounces, not sure how long-- He is huge!
  • Rolls if he feels like it
  • Crawls backward, haven't figured out forward yet
  • Grabs at ANYTHING he is around
  • 1 1/2 teeth, #2 is breaking through right now
  • LOVES Ally
  • Screams, babbles, and sings high pitch notes
  • Pulls hair... ouch!
  • Twirls my hair when I hold him, I think it is a love thing (:

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Easton has a tooth and has more quickly on the way so I hurried and took pictures of the 1st tooth to arrive before the others arrive! The first tooth popped up with no problems but the 2nd is proving more difficult. Not only does he have the typical fever with teething but this time he got croup too! I know, not teething related but still very sad!

Karate Chop!

I don't know what it is about boys and getting hit in the crotch... but Easton thinks it is funny already!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheap plug!

Bill will die when he reads this but oh well... I make these thank you baskets for each one of his clients once they close. What is better to says thanks than a basket of homemade goodies? And what better reason to buy a house from my hubby than to get those goodies? Just kidding!
It takes forever because I try to make at least 4 different kinds of treats but I hope that people enjoy them. And I make great cookies if I do say so myself.
Here are the baskets I made this time. Sugar cookies with homemade frosting, white chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate/white choc. chips cookies and brownie bites. YUMMY!

Cute Cousins

My oldest brother, his wife and my only nephew were here in AZ for about a month while Josh did a med school rotation at County hospital. It was good to have them here and to see Easton get to interact with his cousin Owen. Easton can't do much but sqwuak and flap his arms at Owen... but Owen gave him kisses, patted his head and even whacked him with a toy! (:

It was so good for Easton to be around him and see that relationship begin. They are 6 months apart and will be good buddies someday! Oh yea... and right now they look like opposites except that neither one has much hair.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Buddha Belly

Now that it isn't deadly hot, I took Easton out into the backyard with a small pool and he LOVED it! He is such a water baby! But the point of this story is to show off his buddha belly! This kid has some serious gut! It is the cutest thing ever! Oh yea and he weighs 22 pounds already! I am kinda freakin cuz I have to look into a different car seat! He is a growing boy!

Rockin n Rollin

Well, Easton has decided that even though he can roll, he doesn't care too. He would rather scoot around backwards on his tummy. This week he started getting up on his knees and rockin!

I think he will be crawling before long and I will be in big trouble!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Easton started to make these horrible bird squawking sounds and he gets pretty rowdy! He does this normally just sitting in his Bumbo all by himself, but it helps when Bill squawks with him.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dang he is cute!

I know that all moms think this about their kids.... BUT

DANG my kid is cute!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sea World

We went to Sea World as a last stop before heading home. At first we acted like the kids would like it but honestly it was for the moms and dads. Shamu and petting the sting rays are the best parts of Sea World in my opinion.

The sea lion show was too much for Easton, he fell asleep sucking on his cup. It was fine with me, gave me an excuse to get out of that show!

Noisy boy

Easton found his voice on our trip. I tried to get a good video of it but this is pretty mellow. He can get LOUD! Bill was like, how did Easton get to be so loud and noisy? Hmmm... genetics!

Lazy beach days... I wish!

We took our first friends, hubbies and babies vacation this past week with the Jackmans and the Hills. It was fun but a lot of work and made me miss the beach days of laying out and sleeping the day away. That all ends once you have a baby I guess. It is well worth it though and Easton did great! The waves made him nervous but over all he was such a good baby!
Check out this empty beach! Cam found his new mission in life... horse shoes!

The beach wore Easton out and he took some pretty good naps.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Go Cardinals!

A couple weeks ago we had the chance to go see the Cardinals play, which is Bill's favorite and Easton is quickly becoming a fan! Thanks Paul and Correena for the tickets!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let me brag...

So I have to brag for a moment. Every year around my birthday or Christmas or our anniversary Bill gets so funny. If I give him a hard time, he threatens to return my gift even though most of the time he hasn't gotten me anything. He will say things like, " You can do this or get your b-day present". It is funny and goes on for like the month before the big day.

WELL, this year he really caught me off guard. He started with his usual jokes a couple weeks ago, but last night he gave me my present early...
Can you say YUMMY! What a thoughtful gift, I have been aching to get back into photography and wanting to find a hobby that I love. I can't believe that he took the time to do the research and thought about something that I would really love. What a great hubby! I love him more each day! Okay, done bragging but you can still be jealous! (:

Friday, August 21, 2009

6 months old!

I can't believe my baby is 6 months old already! He is getting so big! He weighs 20 pounds and is 27.5 inches long, 90th percentile for both. Easton is such a happy boy and we love playing with him and seeing him grow.

Easton now will:
  • Roll over on his side, still not all the way
  • Eat his hands as much as possible
  • Grab his toys
  • Sit up almost by himself
  • Stand up with help but would all day if someone would help him
  • Blow bubbles with his spit
  • Talks more in funny babbles
  • Laughs
  • Is so interested in the world around him

Another lake day

We went to the lake this morning since Bill's cousin was in town. It was really fun and nice to see Alex back trying crazy tricks again. Easton will be wakeboarding before we know it!

Ticklish feet

Easton's feet are so ticklish that he can hardly handle it! Bill runs his scruffy face along Easton's feet and he almost pops!


I started giving Easton baby food this week. He loves bananas! Easton loves his bib so much and wants to eat it for dinner, so we had to get rid of the distraction and he eats much better.

It is so funny cause he wants to eat his hand with his bananas!

Happy but sick baby!

A week ago, Easton woke up happy but grunting so being the good mom that I am I thought he needed to poo. Well as the morning went on, he got a fever and we went into the doctor. Turns out, he had pneumonia! We spent 4 days in the hospital and he was such a happy kid during the whole experience...

Except when they gave him medicine. One night he was so mad while we gave him his meds that he threw up from crying so hard... ALL over me!

Easton is so chubby that it was hard for the nurses to put in his IV. So he ended up it in his head, scary looking but Easton didn't mind.

Chillin in the lazy boy! Easton loves sitting up like a big boy.

Time to go home! We were so excited to get out of that small room and so glad he was feeling better!