Thursday, January 21, 2010

Flirting with Ella

Easton had Ella over to play the other day and they were so good with each other. They crawled (well, Ella rolled) around together and shared toys. It was so fun! Turn up the volume to listen to Ella giggle as he tries to get her.

11 Months!

I can not believe that my baby is almost a toddler!! Easton has grown up so much this past month that it has been a whirlwind and I am LOVING this stage! I try to keep track of his growth and milestones so here it goes:
  • 30.5 inches long, we measured at home(:
  • about 24 pounds, outgrew his infant car seat
  • sleeps through the night, unless teething
  • crawls everywhere and gets into everything he shouldn't
  • loves finger foods and feeding himself
  • is getting over baby food
  • drinks from a straw
  • chatters up a storm
  • chases Ally around the house
  • likes to grind his teeth
  • still is nervous to stand up holding on to something by himself
  • asks to be held
  • crawls toward me saying, " mamamama" LOVE IT!
  • still lets me cuddle him and likes a light swaddle

Saturday, January 9, 2010


What a week! It seems like Easton grew up really fast this week since he started crawling. I wasn't ready for a fully mobile baby and WHEW! It is tiring. He is also cutting his 2 front teeth for a total of 6 teeth! So that has added to the adventure. Here are a few of the interesting things Easton discovered this week:

  • Ally's food and water dishes
  • That hairspray doesn't taste very good... my first call to poison control (:
  • Stairs are VERY tempting
  • Chewing on his crib like a little beaver is a good way to start the day... we have teeth marks to prove it
  • Shaking his head no and yelling for mom really gets her attention
  • Crawling all over Ally is really fun
  • Crawling after and trying to chew on Ally's toys is even more fun
  • And last but not least that everything he shouldn't be into is exactly what he wants

These pictures are funny but perfectly show this silly kid's personality. Especially the second one with the booger nose!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Today is the day

Well, today Easton decided that today was the day to crawl. He has been crawling a few times here and there but only like 2 or 3 scoots. And today he just decided that he felt like getting into EVERYTHING! So he is officially crawling! Yea!

Easton is such a content boy and his happy just hanging out but also likes to do things when he wants to. He doesn't like to be rushed or forced into anything. For instance, if you are trying to feed him and he really does want what you are giving him but you rush him... he will shake his head no until he is ready. Oh boy I am in trouble!

The day after Christmas my memory card on my camera kicked the bucket with all of my pictures of Easton's 1st Christmas and his first trip to the zoo! I am so bummed especially since I got a great new lense for Christmas and took some awesome pics. Oh well, so is life. We went to the park to enjoy the weather and time with my family. This is Easton's one and only cousin Owen. They are such cute kiddos and so opposite but will be great buddies since they are only 6 months apart!

Check out this handsome kid!