Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whew! Lots of catch-up!

I had a lot of catch-up blogging so this is my last one.
Easton throws a fit now when he gets out of the bath. We aren't sure if it is because he loves bath time so much and is mad it's over or because he gets cold. His complaints are pretty fake and kinda funny.

The other day Easton was letting Bill carry him around kinda like a purse. But he was loving it and looks adorable. Both of my boys do!

Male Pattern Baldness and Buttcracks

Easton had his first plumbers crack and only cute now cause he is so little! Oh yea and because everything on him is cute!

Easton had major balding going on that made him look like a grandpa from the back. So he had his first haircut and it went great. Most people think there is something wrong with cutting your 3-month old baby hair but come on the kid needs to have style!
Don't worry, I saved the clippings like a sentimental mom!

Funny Pictures

Easton is such a happy and laid back baby! He lets Bill and I play around with him and it is so much fun!
This morning Bill put his camping light thing on Easton's head and he could care less. It was so funny!

He hates when the wind hits his bald head so I keep it covered while we cuddle.

I just love how he pulls his arms out and sleeps like this. So cute!

Bill put Easton's PJ pants on his head one morning cause he thought he looked like a superhero. I don't know about superhero but it is funny either way.

Blessing Day

This is old news, but we blessed Easton on April 24th. He was such a good baby and didn't grunt during the blessing.

We are so grateful for our families that came to be with us on such a special day.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Picture Tag!

Okay, here you go Elise... Our 5th picture from our 5th folder. From our trip to Greer... kinda boring pic so I posted others from that trip cause it was so fun!

I tag Melanie, Kim, Kym, Emily and Jayna. Go to your pictures, open your 5th folder, post your 5th picture and tag 5 people. Have fun!

Sunday Mornings with Dad

Bill takes Easton each morning so I can get a few hours of good sleep. Every Sunday morning the boys hang out in Bill's office while I sleep in. It is wonderful! I never know what they are doing but i found this video on the camera. I think it is funny to hear Bill talk to Easton and Easton is grunting as usual.


Easton has started smiling at Bill and I and it is the best thing EVER! He has this big goofy smile just like mine! (:

It took a couple tries but we got it on video!