Thursday, June 18, 2009

Funny Kid!

Easton recieved some fun bath toys as a gift recently and loves it when I squirt water on his belly during bathtime! When most of the water is out of the toy I squirt the air and some water splashes on his face and he loves it! Oh yea and that is Bill playing the guitar in the bathroom in that background! I have 2 funny boys!

Easton is so happy in the mornings and will talk and tell you all kinds of stories! Bill really got him going the other morning and it was so funny!

Lake day!

This past weekend we took Easton to the lake for the first time! I was really nervous but he did great! He looks a little pathetic in these pictures because his lifevest was like a body cast on him! I have to get him a different vest so he can wiggle!

We went with our friends the Milloys and here he is with Maddie, his future girlfriend! He looks like he is really hating it! I hope that he will grow into a lake baby and love it like we do!