Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My boys

Time is flying by and I am tired! Whew! Having 2 kids is a major adjustment but I think that we are back into our regular swing of things... just everything takes me twice as long.

Asher is 6 weeks old now and is starting to have happier days with his reflux. Not sure what changed but the past 2 days have been better. He even started smiling and cooing. He is about 12 pounds already and I think he is really long. His arms are too long for every shirt I put him in. I think that he will have blue eyes and his hair is getting darker from the strawberry blonde.

Easton is such a sweet big brother. He loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone especially Asher. He always wants to know where Asher he says, " Go, Asher, Go?" When he gives Asher hugs he goes, " ahhh". It is so funny. He copies everything that we say, so we have to be careful.

We are still bathing the boys together and they both love bathtime! This is a funny video, but warning it contains bathtime weiners. HA! I just laughed typing that!

Bill and Easton went to a spring training game with his Bompa {Bill's dad} this week and had a lot of fun.

We had family fun at Costco and Easton loved his hot dog.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Easton turned 2!

Easton's birthday was a couple weeks ago and we had a great party on his special day! He is such a fun loving boy and was so excited to have all his grandparents and family at his house to play. He ran around from person to person showing them his new toys and had so much fun!

It was a turtle themed party since he LOVES turtles and I even found a turtle pinata. It was a tough one to break and Bill had to bust it open so the kiddos could have the treats.
This picture is awesome, the boys trying to break it with Nick's help and my mom's expression in the background... classic!
Check out my cake making skills... and Bill didn't drop the cake this year. I guess wearing a helmet for cake time is a necessity when you are 2.