Saturday, May 7, 2011


Asher is almost 3 months already and is quickly turning into such a happy baby. Here is what he has been up to:

  • I think he has grown out of his reflux but milk is still a no-no for me

  • He smiles all the time since about 9 weeks

  • He started laughing yesterday at 11 weeks

  • He has the cutest head of chicken hair and a sweet cow lick... {i know that is the wrong spelling but I like it}

  • I think he weighs about 15 pounds

  • Usually only cat naps during the day

  • Sleeps through the night since about 10 weeks {6 hours}

  • LOVES to watch Easton

  • LOVES bathtime

  • Kicks his feet like crazy and works up spit bubbles the whole time

  • Isn't a fan of tummy time

  • His neck is getting strong and can almost sit in his bumbo

He is such a sweet boy and we love him so much. Easton always says to him, "hey stinker" and my heart melts for these boys!


We had such a fun Easter filled with our wonderful family. We are so lucky to have the majority of our families in town {we miss you KelKel and Josh}.

On Friday my mom came over to dye eggs and we made festive cupcakes. Easton learned the best part of baking.

Easton loves when people come over to play with him. There was some wicked wind which made for great kite flying.

And I made all of the adults participate in the egg hunt which was fun and I had sweet prizes. (: We had to have Easton hurry since his aunts and uncles were his competition.