Monday, January 31, 2011

I know, I know

I can't believe how behind I am! No excuses but we have had a fun couple of months. Here is what we have been doing.

Bill landscaped our backyard. It looks amazing... the freeze really hurt our ficus trees but fingers crossed that they will come back. Yes that is a SWEET firepit... smores anyone?

We decorated the Christmas tree and Easton liked it for about 2 minutes. We had a great Christmas and we were all way too spoiled!! I even hide a few of Easton's gifts to bring out for his birthday. This video perfectly describes what life will be like with Easton at 2 years old and 16.

My older brother and his family came in town and we showed off our favorite place, Marley Farms. Easton had his first camel encounter.

My wonderful friends, Meagan and Elise, threw me a baby shower since I missed my last one with Easton. It was at Dave and Busters and I had a blast. Check me and Meag out on Dance, Dance Revolution... we were horrible.

Our sweet puppy had major knee surgery last week and we went up to Prescott for it for a better price. She is still recovering but I think she is doing a little better. While she was having her surgery we played around the town... there isn't much to do but we went to a lake for a walk. Easton LOVES turtles and was calling for them to "come here".

Easton saw his first snow too... there wasn't much but he liked touching it but it was really icy and he slipped all over the place. Okay, I think we are up to date. I am 37 weeks and feeling very ready to get this boy out! Only 2 more weeks!