Thursday, October 28, 2010

20 months

I can't believe that my boy is almost 2! Yep, I am already thinking 4 months in the future since I will have a 2 year old and a newborn within 4 days of each other. Yikes!

Easton is growing so fast and learning so much. He is always on the move and here is what he is up to now:

  • Folds his arms for prayer and says amen
  • Loves nursery
  • Love, loves being outside and playing in our dirt backyard
  • Brushes his teeth
  • Climbs on anything and saying "jump" before bombing down
  • Has no fear... uh oh
  • Loves to play with and watch other big boys play
  • Loves to go down slides
  • Yells "mom, ally" when he is ready to get up
  • Runs everywhere
  • LOVES watching Shrek
  • Still does a sweet stink face
  • Runs to his dad to tell on mom when I don't give him what he wants
  • Says: dog, puppy, duck, stuck, rock, daddy, mom, quack, cow, jump, one, two, nose, eye, ow, shoes, more, no, yum, tree, car, go, chair, bear, tiger, fish that is all I can think of.
  • He barks, moos, bawks, roars, snores, quacks, chirps, snorts

We love this boy and can't believe that we made someone so cute!

Doing something right

We must be doing something right {let's be honest, it's probably from nursery}. The other day Easton was playing with the tupperware again and I was working on something else, mainly enjoying that he was playing by himself. Easton flipped a big square piece over to stand on and once he was balanced, he folded his arms and bowed his head. He said a prayer in words I can't understand and finished with amen. He hopped down from the tupperware and went on playing.
Isn't that great!?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lucky boy

Easton was a lucky boy this past week. With one of his grandmas on fall break, his great grandma(GG) in town, and great aunt available to play... he got a couple days of fun!

We went to Marley Farms again with grandma. Easton loved it again and showed off his new words: turtle, goat, cow, llama, duck, bird

This is his surprised face he uses when he sees something cool or finds something he was looking for... pretty cute.

Easton was amazed with this goat... it was peeing and he just watched the whole thing with this face. Hilarious if you ask me.
Friday night, we went to the pumpkin and chili festival at Schnepf Farms with the Jackmans. It was really windy and dusty but the kids still had fun and picked out pumpkins. Not the best picture of the dads but it was the best I could do in the dust storm. The kids are cute as always.
On Saturday, we went to see horses, turtles and feed chickens at a friend's house with grandma, GG, and Aunt Chris then it was off to Tumbleweed Park which has become our favorite place.

Pretty lucky!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Somehow, the weeks keep flying by and I am slow to update. Last weekend, we enjoyed the cooler weather with an end-of-summer Lake Havasu trip. We had 11 adults and 4 babies {whew} which we pulled off beautifully.

Easton was a great captain

My yummy boys
I have been busy growing another boy and here is my first belly shot. I spared the blog by not doing the bare belly pic that Bill wanted. I have hit the half way mark and am feeling pretty good these days except that I outgrew my normal jeans over the weekend so on to maternity jeans.


I have decided that I need to hype up holidays. I have never been one to get into it but I think with little kids that it is a must. So I am slowly collecting clearanced decorations at the end of each season to start with. I am also making attempts at being crafty, like my first Halloween wreath. I used ideas from this great blog Eighteen25. I have a second one in the works for the front door but had to show off my first finished project. P.S.- Dollar Tree has great halloween stuff for crafts.
Easton is even learning to say ghost and boo... it is on!