Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I am finally catching up on the May Family happenings in November. I really don't have any excuses for not blogging about our month but it has been lots of fun.

Easton and I joined my mom and dad in a breast cancer walk at the beginning of the month. My mom and grandma are both beautiful breast cancer survivors! I made shirts for us... look close they say "we are here for the boobs" {awesome} And check out that belly I am rockin.

Easton says a new word practically everyday and loves to wear hats and helmets. Safety first!

We have been taking full advantage of the cooler weather and our great zoo membership by trying to go every few weeks. I made Bill take a picture of Easton and I before we left the last time since I need more pics of just the two of us. His aunt Kelly got him this sweet shark hat that he LOVES to wear and he growls at people when he wears it. I guess I probably taught him that sharks growl but whatever.

Other than that, we have been enjoying time together, trying to decorate my house, landscaping our backyard, growing another baby boy, learning that saying "no,mine" is not nice {ewww}, and so much more.