Saturday, August 27, 2011

Easton's Summer

Easton has had such a great summer even though it is deathly hot! He is so busy, crazy, energetic, mischevious but lovey and cute which save his life most days.

  • He got to do swimming lessons and learned so much. It makes me feel better since he is so fearless with the water. He can hold his breath, come up for air, kick his feet, find the wall and hold on.

  • We went to the circus as a family and he loved it. He just stared and would clap and dance to the music.

  • Easton is potty trained and caught on so quickly. We sometimes have accidents when he is playing but usually no problems.

  • He is talking so much and says hilarious things. Like we have him sleep in big t-shirts sometimes and one night he looks down and says, "i a pretty princess" HA!

  • He loves to talk to Asher and talks to him in a high-pitch baby voice.

  • He likes to be in pictures and take pictures, thank goodness for digital cameras so I can delete all the not-so-great shots

  • Easton always wants me to paint hid toenails when I am doing mine. So he is wearing a bright shade of pink.

  • He likes to help Bill with the yard and pushes the lawnmower or uses the leaf blower

  • Loves just wearing his undies around the house

  • He wants to do things for himself, he says "my do it" for everything!

He is becoming such a big and independent boy but still is a cuddler and says to me "rock you" every night for bed. {of course I don't mind that at all}

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