Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Easton Says...

This boy says some funny things and I just wanted to quickly write some of them down so I don't forget.

  • Whenever you tell him good job for something he says, "hug" LOVE that!

  • If he gets hurt, big or small, he says, "kiss it" and then after the kiss, "all better"

  • We were playing at the park and he wanted me to go down the slide. He waited at the bottom holding his hands close together like a cup almost and he says, " go mommy, I catch you"

  • He wants to do everything for himself and he says, "mine do it"

  • When we sing songs at bedtime, his request is always "b, c, f, g's" {abc's}

  • We are on day 2 of potty training, whenever I ask if he needs to go potty he says, " no, i good"

  • We were at Target and he wants to walk of course and Asher wants out of his carseat and so I am a little flustered trying to get everything I need. A nice lady commented that she knew how I felt and I said, " it's been one of those days" and Easton looked at the lady and said, " one of those days" HA! Really!

  • He asks, "doing?" about EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING! " Dirt doing? grass doing? Asher doing?" And then it goes into "going?" Oh man...

  • If he is throwing a fit and I tell him he needs to be happy to do whatever, when he calms down he says, "happy now"

The list goes on and on. Easton gives me a run for my money. He will push and test me on pretty much everything I ask him to do all day long. He used to take naps and go to bed easy but he is pushing back there too. Sheesh! (: But then he gives hugs and kisses a lot so that makes up for it! Plus he is so dang cute!


  1. Sounds like Easton and Caleb could be great friends. We need to get our little men together. He sounds like a little cutie.

  2. What a little cutie! I love that Jordyn is starting to talk more, still no sentences just words but it melts my heart!