Saturday, November 5, 2011


Halloween was so great this year because Easton was so excited and understood what trick or treating is all about. Easton has been so into Spiderman for some reason so he was thrilled to dress up like "Spiderman who helps people" which we taught him since he was trying to chase people {mainly Ally and Asher} with his mask on. We had to learn that Spiderman is nice not scary. Since Asher doesn't have a say yet in costumes, he was a spider.

We tried to get Easton to say, "check out these guns" but he kept forgetting...still cute though.

Bill kept making pirate faces but the rest of us look good. It is really hard to get a picture of Asher holding still!

Bill and Easton carved the pumpkins {Asher napped}.

We were lucky to spend Halloween with friends and family at the Jackman's home. Easton got to trick or treat with his best buddies and his cousin, Ellie, who was the cutest elephant I have ever seen! I absolutely love this picture!

This is a terrible picture of Blake but sadly, the best one we had! (: Easton is loving his loot of candy and so are we!


  1. Very cute pics! I sure miss seeing you guys every week! BTW your hair looks cute :)

  2. Such cute boys and hot parents too! What a good looking family you Mays are. :) We love your blog updates so we can see them growing and see what they're up to. Miss you guys!